I Never Told You But…

Breakfield and Burkey
4 min readNov 30, 2022
A fresh baked pecan pie with a crispy crust.
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Trevor, freshly groomed with damp hair, chuckled softly as he watched the scene unfold through the window into the Boss’s sitting room. Simone silently scooted next to her brother. After a few moments, she tugged his hand to get his attention.

He glanced at her, and her big eyes were opened wide. “Trev, I’m confused. What is Boss doing? Why would he take a pecan pie into his sitting room and cut a box for it? It looks like he’s trying to fit it into his suitcase. I thought we got all cleaned up to go to the airport, not to eat more pie.”

Trevor quietly laughed at the way his sister viewed things. Sometimes she got extra cute with her questions. “We are going to visit Aunt Judith. I never told you, but she’s never had fresh pecan pie from Texas. Boss and Annie made two pies this year. One we enjoyed for our Thanksgiving Day celebration and one as a gift for Aunt Judith.”

“I didn’t know that was the reason for the airport. That’s a long way to go in the air. I thought we always drove there.” She looked at her brother with eyes beginning to mist. “Is she the energetic lady in Colorado who holds all those author parties? She likes to pinch my cheeks when we arrive.” Frowning, Simone added, “She also swats me when I don’t move fast enough for her asks.”

Trevor nodded. “Yep. I’ve seen her dress down Boss for something she wanted, and he didn’t move fast enough.”

Wide-eyed Simone squeaked, “She’s braver than I imagined telling Boss what to do.”

Trevor smirked, “Yeah, but you know how Boss is. He stares at her for a few seconds, drops to one knee, and with his head bowed, he rumbles his voice and answers what is thy bidding, my master? It cracks her up and breaks the tension.”

“That sounds like Boss, alright,” she laughs. Then she pointed at the window. “Oh, good. It looks like Boss got the packaging to work, and he’s smiling again. Let’s get our stuff into the rideshare to the airport. I still don’t understand why we aren’t carrying the pie rather than fitting it into a suitcase.”

“That’s because we get a limit to the bags we can carry on the aircraft. Boss hates checking luggage as it gets lost half the time.”




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