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Military Strategy

Wow. It looks like the U.S. military took a page out of one I. tech manual and out pulsed a stream of new acronyms in this latest announcement. Here is the link:

U.S. Northern Command, General Glen D. VanHerck to the press briefing room today. General VanHerck is here…

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Eureka. Some good news on the cyberwarfare front. Air Force Space Command achieved a significant milestone on February 12 when the Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter (CVA/H) Weapon System reached Full Operational Capability (FOC) status.

Achieving FOC means the CVA/H weapon system can serve as the premier enclave defense platform for prioritized…

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Wow, Ireland’s Health Services just got whacked by the Conti ransomware. We admire their determination not to pay the cybercriminals. Article link:

Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) has ruled out giving in to hackers’ demands as the country’s healthcare and social services continue to deal with the disruption caused…

Working in Foreign Markets

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How do those multi-national company’s do it? In the MBA classes, professors discuss and teach how to enter your goods and services into foreign markets. There are several step-by-step formulas to approach foreign nationals to gain access to their evolving consumer base. …

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The crisp air was fragrant with the smell of pine smoke from a nearby home. Sounds from the ocean rushing to shore echoed a reminder of continuous movement. The two friends, who had walked for a while, sat down in companionable silence, enjoying the deserted beach.

Smiling at his friend…

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Now it seems Facebook is getting into the security business. Facebook created an internal group or task force to address the public noise around issues with their security. Their target is the great whale customer, Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

Seriously Though

Following all the bad press, congressional investigations, whistleblowers, plus the…

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No one could predict the love affair that started in Phoenix Arizona. Charlie borrowed Dales, Krieghoff model 32 for a round of skeet shooting. The world shifted. What man would want to return to an old-fashioned pump shotgun after firing the elegant over/under German competition gun? From the first shot…

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Most people presume that the cyber scum of the Darknet operates out of a grubby little building in a warehouse district quickly vacated when someone yells, cheese it, the cops! Folks imagine that personal hygiene is not the Darknet operator’s first concern, nor did their wardrobe offer any panache beyond…

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